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Out of that fact, he drew an immediate comfort in this period of his misery. Still another of the original seven stood in the immediate vicinity. Sing by all means; but, if you must have immediate results, not in opera.
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Collocations: needs, requires your immediate attention, have arranged for your immediate release, are ready for an immediate departure, take off, landing, Suite. Discussions du forum dont le titre comprend les mots immediate." address immediate health needs. Apple is bigger than your immediate landscape or business.
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Allemand: sofortig de, unverzüglich de, direkt de. Anglais: immediate en, direct en, instant en, instantaneous en, outright en, prompt en, independent en. Catalan: directe ca, immediat ca. Espagnol: directo es, inmediato es. Espéranto: tuja eo, senpera eo. Ido: nemediata io.
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Words related to immediate. urgent, prompt, actual, direct, recent, critical, current, existing, extant, first, instant, live, next, now, paramount, present, pressing, up-to-date, hair-trigger, adjacent. Words nearby immediate. immature, immature cataract, immaturity, immeasurable, immediacy, immediate, immediate allergy, immediate annuity, immediate auscultation, immediate constituent, immediate denture.
Définitions: Définitions: immédiat, immédiat, immédiate immédiate Dictionnaire Dictionnaire de de français français Larousse. Larousse.
Qui est en rapport direct dans une relation spatiale ou temporelle, qui ne comporte pas d'intermédiaire, ou d'intervalle' dans l'espace' ou dans le temps: Voisinage immédiat. Qui se fait sans intermédiaire entre le sujet connaissant et l'objet' connu: Une intuition immédiate de la vérité.
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Knowledge that is immediate may supply the premises for the inference of further knowledge, but even immediate knowledge depends on coherence. A second feature of Kantian intuition is that it yields immediate knowledge. The notion allows Heidegger to avoid giving primacy to non-theoretical immediate experience.
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She felt an immediate physical attraction to him. Please excuse me from the rest of the meeting - I've' just received a phone call that requires my immediate attention. We demand the immediate and unconditional release of all political prisoners.
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in the immediate future dans le futur immédiat. there is no prospect of that situation changing in the immediate future. for the immediate future pour l'instant.' They will be staying with us for the immediate future until things are sorted out.
Connexion Immediate Resuscitation. Life Support Resuscitation.
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